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Soldier Memorial Wallpaper

0.99 usd

Live Wallpaper featuring a Soldier Memorial theme with 4 peaceful, animated scenes. This is one of Cat's most requested Tattoos, so we've brought it to life as a live wallpaper! The desert scenes feature moving clouds, mist, twinkling stars, and an animated sun and moon. The bomber plane and American flag scenes feature bursting star patterns.This FULL version includes:- 4 Themes: Desert: Daytime, Desert: Nighttime, Bomber, American Flag- Control the speed and direction of the clouds, the speed of the star effects, enable and disable various options- Optional Gestures: double tap to cycle backgrounds- CPU/Battery saving setting- Also works well on tablet devices. Implemented with OpenGL.
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None of our wallpapers require any permissions.
A collaboration featuring the artwork of artist Cat Spencer.
Please contact us with feedback or if you encounter any issues.